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  • The Other Anti-Bribery Litigation: Understanding Risk & Exposure Under the False Claims Act


    12:00pm - 1:15pm EST

    TASA-Courses-False_ClaimsWhile much attention has been given to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, another and growing tool for anti-bribery litigation by whistleblowers and government regulators is The False Claims Act (“FCA”).  The FCA prohibits fraud on the federal government and many states, cities and counties have passed local versions of the same.  The FCA presents a formidable tool against bribery involving federal and state governments, most notably in schemes involving bid rigging and kickbacks.  Last year alone, defendants paid $3.8 billion in penalti…
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  • Effective Anti-Corruption Strategies in the Public Procurement Process: Making Transparency Work


    12:00pm - 1:15pm EST

    TASA-Courses-StrategiesMany U.S. Foreign Corruption Practices Act cases highlight the substantial bribery risks present in public procurement. While many countries have passed transparency laws to hold government officials accountable for corruption, corruption schemes in public procurement remain rampant. In this course, Max Kaiser of CAYAD S.C. in Mexico will discuss technical exposure to the vulnerabilities in the public procurement process and what is required to make transparency effective against corruption. He will also discuss common corruption schemes in public pro…

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  • Estrategias efectivas anticorrupción en el proceso de contratación pública: Hacer a la Transparencia Funcionar


    12:00pm-1:15pm hora del este

    TASA-Courses-Strategies_(SP)Muchos de los casos de la Ley estadounidense contra las Prácticas de Corrupción en el Extranjero resaltan el importante riesgo de soborno presentes en la contratación pública. Si bien muchos países han aprobado leyes de transparencia para hacer que los funcionarios gubernamentales enfrenten consecuencias jurídicas por corrupción, los esquemas de corrupción en la contratación pública siguen siendo rampantes. En este curso, Max Kaiser de CAYAD S.C. en México discutirá la exposición técnica a las vulnerabilidades en el proceso de…
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    Online courses are complemented by TASA accredited conferences offered throughout the year by TRACE and leading anti-corruption event organizers. See a complete list of upcoming conferences here.

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